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Listings Delivered to Your Desktop the Minute they are Posted to MLS
When you join my Buyer’s Club I will set up a site within my MLS site with your unique Username and Password. Within your site you can save and delete listings to be viewed from any computer with internet access. Listings are sent to your desktop the minute they are posted to MLS with NO software to download. Including a complete printable listing sheet with photos, addresses and even a link to a map showing the exact location of the property.


Information Resource

This site is designed to be a one stop resource whether you are looking to buy or sell. The links on the left side of this page will direct you to information that will answer your questions.


Selling A Home?

I am positioned to get your home marketed and sold for top dollar. I will also get your home sold in a timely manner. You will need an agent with marketing skills and knowledge of the area to get your home exposed. My goal is to obtain a buyer qualified and eager to move into your former home.

Complimentary Property and Market Evaluation
Call Libby Peura today to schedule a no-obligation Arlington Realty Group Property and Market Evaluation.  We will provide you with an individual marketing plan, suited specifically to your home and personal goals.  If you choose to list your home with us, we will ensure you are properly and successfully represented through every stage if the listing.


If you are moving to my area, I can assist you in collecting the information you need and make your transition as smooth as possible.


Daily E-Mails
When you join my Buyer’s Club I will send an email every morning, 7 days a week, with all the homes that were listed on MLS the previous day that match your home search criteria, Including a complete printable listing sheet with photos, addresses and even a link to a map showing the exact location of the property.


Buying A Home?

HIRE A BUYER’S AGENT WHO WORKS FOR YOU, NOT AN AGENT WHO WORKS FOR THE SELLER. With Me as YOUR BUYER'S AGENT, I will represent you exclusively as a buyer of real property. I am accountable to you. I will follow your instructions and keep confidential anything you tell me that may affect your purchase of real property. In negotiating for the best prices and terms, I will put your interests first.


Are You Pre-Qualified?

If you're not - get the buyer's advantage and pre-qualify! Prequalification means you have the edge over other buyers who may be interested in the same property. A prequalification letter shows the seller that you are serious and can afford the home, setting you apart from other buyers.



All Brokers/Salespersons represent the seller, not the buyer, in the marketing, negotiating and sale of property, unless otherwise disclosed. However, the Broker or Salesperson has an ethical and legal obligation to maintain honesty and fairness to the buyer in all transactions.